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Promote and support adequate state and national security

The NCNGA is a Legislative voice for the Soldiers and Airmen of the North Carolina National Guard. The National Guard Service Members are deployed around the world as well as to your community. MORE INFO

Read about legislative issues you care about and then use your outside voice to call your congressman or write to your senator.


Greetings from your President

The North Carolina National Guard Association (NCNGA) is a non-profit organization established February 10, 1960 to support the active, separated and retired members of the North Carolina Army and Air National Guard. The Association is governed by the Executive Council (board of directors) comprised of equal representation from each major command, the Air National Guard, and the retired group.

The basis for this website is to provide our approximately 16,000 members with complete and accurate information concerning membership, benefits, and legislative actions affecting the National Guard and our members.

We would also like to invite you to join our "North Carolina National Guard Association" Facebook page and Twitter at @ncnga.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at or call 919 851-3390.

Thanks for visiting and for all you do for our "National Guard" and "Associations".

-Bobby E. Lumsden


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  • Insurance

    Insurance through the NCNGA provides you benefits beyond measure. It sustains all that the NCNGA does for you and it helps take of your family.

  • Retiree Information

    To help you keep up with the latest retirement information we have started a new resource page for retirees. Here you will find State & Federal Veterans Affairs information, VA Hospital locations, and phone numbers for ID card offices.

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