• our mission: The Association garners support for the NC National Guard’s role in state and national security, and improves our members’ quality of life

  • Convention Planning Committee Minutes

    Convention Planning Committee Minutes

    NCNGA President Ronnie Honeycutt’s Report

    I cannot begin to tell you what a feeling it was to see our North Carolina flag flying high here in Southwest Asia. Not knowing if they were Guard, Reserves, or Active Duty, but knowing that I had to find

    Convention Planning Committee Minutes

    MINUTES CONVENTION PLANNING COMMITTEE MEETING NORTH CAROLINA NATIONAL GUARD ASSOCIATION 20 OCTOBER 2011 The above named committee met on the date indicated above on call of Committee Co-Chairman Shane Evans.  The meeting was held at the Wilmington Armory, and the

    Articles & By-laws Committee Minutes

    ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION & BY-LAWS COMMITTEE NORTH CAROLINA NATIONAL GUARD ASSOCIATION  PROPOSED AMENDMENTS 2011-12 The Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws Committee reviewed the Nominating & Credentials Committee meeting minutes dated 28 Sep 11, in which the committee recommended a change

    Benefits Committee Minutes

    MINUTES BENEFITS COMMITTEE MEETING North Carolina National Guard Association 13 OCTOBER 2011 The Benefits Committee met on the date indicated on call of Committee Chairman Wendy Larsen. The meeting was held via conference call with the following members present: Wendy

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