• our mission: The Association garners support for the NC National Guard’s role in state and national security, and improves our members’ quality of life

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      As one of the largest military advocacy organizations, we work to transform our members’ ideas into legislative action and provide states and our members unified representation before members of Congress.  Our efforts begin with an annual resolutions process that

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    The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS) was formally organized in 1972 with the goal of increasing the voice of enlisted persons in the National Guard. As such, EANGUS is a non-profit organization dedicated to

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    Chartered in February of 1960, the North Carolina National Guard Association (NCNGA) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation governed by an elected Executive Council whose members are voted in annually. The objective of the NCNGA is to seek and support programs

    Great news for all our NCNGA members about our recent legislative initiatives

    House Bill 558 has passed the General Assembly this week. The Bill adds two voting members to the North Carolina Military Affairs Commission to be appointed by the Governor. One of the new members would have to be a current

    There is still time….

    There is still time to place your bid for the NCNGA Online Auction. The Auction will close at 10pm on Sunday August 23rd! Visit www.ncnga-auction.com Thank you for all of your support! 

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