Below is a brief synopsis of each of the NCNGA committees. Interested in joining? Submit an application.

By-laws and Credentials

Chairperson – Vacant

The Bylaws and Credential Committee counsels the President and Executive Council on all matters pertaining to the constitutional documentation of the Association.

Membership & Benefits

Chairperson – Vacant

The Membership and Benefits Committee reviews and recommends benefit programs for the members of the Association and manages a continuing membership drive for enlarging, expanding, and maintaining Association membership.


Chairpersons – Jacqualynn Lallo
                             Chelsea Martinez

The Finance Committee prepares and recommends the budget of the Association to the Executive Council, recommends the depositories and types of investments for the funds of the Association, reviews the statement of investment policy for compliance, supervises the books of account and the methods of accounting used by the Association, and provides counsel to the Executive Council on all matters pertaining to the finances of the Association to include presenting a report during the annual convention that proposes the recommended operating budget for the next fiscal period.

Headquarters and Employees

Chairperson – Carrie Holowiti

The Headquarters and Employees Committee conducts an annual review of salary and leave schedules applicable to the full-time staff of the Association and makes recommendations to the Executive Council on any needed change. The committee is also responsible for the supervision of the administration of the employees’ 401k plan and the annual review of health, life, disability, and dental insurance benefits provided to Association employees. The committee is responsible for the oversight of the management of the headquarters building to include repairs, maintenance contracts, rental agreements, IT-related items, and various office-related equipment.

Legislative and Resolutions

Chairperson – Mark Pickett

The Legislative and Resolutions Committee develops a recommended legislative agenda for the Association regarding both State and Federal legislative activity.


Chairperson – Vacant

The Communications Committee recommends policies, procedures, and programs with respect to editorial, business, advertising, circulation, and promotional aspects of the Association magazine, website, and social media.

Convention Planning

Chairperson – Vacant

The Convention Committee counsels the President and the Executive Council on matters pertaining to the time and place for the annual meeting of the Association. This committee plans and carries out the duties necessary to host an annual convention and to develop a convention theme