Communication is key to harnessing private-sector technology in a complex regulatory environment. Without appropriate communications with industry, warfighters are likely to receive more costly, less advanced equipment later than desired. A culture of open communication will allow the entire acquisition workforce to identify innovative capabilities, share best practices, learn from mistakes, and align missions among buyers and sellers in the marketplace. Such a culture also allows the federal government and its contractors to have a better understanding of each other’s needs, constraints, and areas for confluence all focused on delivering capability to the warfighter. Developed with this need for communication in mind, the North Carolina National Guard Association developed its corporate membership program.

As a corporate member, your organization will stay connected with access to weekly membership emails, a subscription to the Tarheel Guardsman magazine, and invitations to key events throughout the year. These events include exhibition events at the North Carolina National Guard Senior Leaders Workshop, the North Carolina National Guard Association convention, and other events as they are scheduled.

Thank you for your support in this manner and you can reach the Executive Director, Larry Coleman at 919-698-6270 or if you have any additional questions.