Active Enlisted members, E1-E6

Mail the following to the State DMV office:

    • OTAGNC Form 8
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Registration renewal card
    • $20.00 annual renewal fee
Officer and Enlisted members, E7-E9

You will be notified by the State DMV office regarding the requisition of the NG license plate.

A $20.00 annual renewal fee is required.

Retired and separated members

If qualified for retirement at age 60, you may purchase the distinctive NCNG “Retired” license plate by mailing the following:

    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Copy of registration renewal card
    • “Notification of eligibility for retired pay”
    • $30.00 ($20.00 annual renewal and $10.00 special fee)

A second NC NG plate may be obtained, if available. Active members must include the OTAGNC Form 8. Retired members may purchase this plate for $30.00.


N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles
3155 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, North Carolina 27697